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Barry Farm Foods Assortment of Groats or Grains 

For those that wonder "What are "groats"?  They're just the hulled version of the oat, wheat, rye or buckwheat berries.

You can add dimension to an already healthy diet with the addition of grains.  Grains are high in fiber, low in fat, and no cholesterol should put them at the top of any healthy lifestyle.

Although some grains are long cooking, you can speed the process by soaking overnight or pressure cooking.  Or, you can choose quick cooking grains like Quinoa, Kasha, Teff and Bulgur.  All grains can be used in any recipe calling for rice.  

Adding herbs and spices to these grains while cooling can produce exciting new tastes to your meals.  Using juice and fruit with grains like Quinoa, or chicken stock, basil, and mushrooms to barley, can make you the gourmet cook of the neighborhood.
Many of our grains are unprocessed and will fit into an assortment of ethnic recipes.

Not sure how to cook some of these items?  Click on the "Recipe How tos" button above.

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AMH1001 Amaranth 
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082520 Buckwheat, Whole Groats, Raw
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080521 Buckwheat, 
For Sprouting
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070012 Dried  Yellow Corn

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G47D Kaniwa 1 lb bag $11.00/#
070014 Millet
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082564 Quinoa
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B2531 Sweet White Sorghum
Product Information-Click Here $4.60/#
070072 Soft White Wheat
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070080 Hard White Wheat Berries
070068  Hard Red Wheat Berries

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