Is It Jam
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Is It Jam?

Many mistakenly call jams “jellies” or preserves “jams”.  Here is how you tell the difference and explanations of a couple other fruit spreads.

Jelly is made with the juice from a fruit.  It should have no pulp and should be clear enough to see through. 

Jam is made from the pureed fruit.  It should have some texture to it and should not be clear.  It should, however, be smooth as opposed to lumpy.

Preserves are made with chunks of fruit and their juice.  It may be clear between the fruits where the juice gelled but you should see fairly large pieces of fruit through out the preserves.

Butters are made in a slow cooking process from purees of fruit.  The long cooking brings out the natural sugars in the fruits and tends to brown them.   All butters will be brown in color.

Conserves are fruit spreads similar to preserves.  They are made from chunks of fruit like preserves, but usually two or more fruits are combined.  And then, nuts are added to the mix.

Marmalades are usually citrus based where juice, pulp and bits of the rind are incorporated to make the fruit spread.  Orange marmalade is the one we are most familiar with but any citrus or combination can be made into marmalade.