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Miscellaneous Baking Supply Items of Barry Farm Foods

We have a few items here that we couldn't quite fit into our other categories and that you may not be able to locate in your local baking supplies store.  We hope these items are helpful.

Both the citric acid and the ascorbic acid are natural preservatives or help to reduce the browning of fresh fruit when cut.

The dough enhancer will help make fluffier baked goods and the dough relaxer is to make the dinner rolls or pizza crust softer.

Our dough conditioners are a must for the serious bread baker and the meringue powder is a must if you're running short of eggs in the middle of putting that cream pie, angel food cake or soufflé together.


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230568 Ascorbic Acid 1/4 lb. bag
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CK76-200 Citric Acid  4 oz bag
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D525008 Dough Enhancer 1 lb. bag  Commercial
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Vital GLUTEN, 
Sweet DAIRY Whey, 
Diastatic malt, 
Ascorbic Acid.

BF905 Dough Enhancer


8 oz. bag  

Ingredients:  Soy lecithin, ginger, ascorbic acid

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BF1020 Dough Relaxer 1 lb. bag

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BF902 Sourdough Starter Mix for Celiacs 0.42 lb bag

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BF903 Sourdough Starter Mix, Unbleached 0.42 lb bag

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BF904 Sourdough Starter Mix, Whole Wheat 0.42 lb bag

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