Beverage Flavorings
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LorAnn Fountain Flavors / Milkshake Flavors

LorAnn's exclusive line of flavorings is especially formulated for home made ice creams, shakes and smoothies.  Suitable for use in blenders, smoothie makers and ice cream makers of all types.  They can also be blended into diet and nutritional drinks or yogurt.  Each 1.7 fl oz. bottle can flavor and color 3 quarts of ice cream or 10 milk shakes.  These flavorings are also "sugar free" so that the only thing you are adding to your drinks is the flavor and the color.  Remember these are concentrated, so a little goes a long way.  One tablespoon will color and flavor one quart of ice cream, milkshake or smoothie.  Make any of your favorite fountain drinks at home.
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