Candy Flavorings
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LorAnn Candy Flavoring Oils Listing at Barry Farm Foods


LorAnn Oils has been in the business of supplying candy flavoring oil to customers for over 40 years.  Unlike the diluted grocery store extracts, LorAnn oils are super strength professional quality flavoring oils for the home kitchen and specially formulated for use in hard candies, chocolates, fudges, frostings and specialty confections.

We try to carry all of the candy flavors that are available in the  one dram (.125 fl oz.) so that our customers can easily purchase a wide assortment of flavors as each dram bottle of LorAnn candy oil is the perfect size for one batch of candy.

The Gourmet LorAnn flavoring oils at the bottom of the listing is specially formulated for flavoring chocolate or anywhere alcohol, glycerine or propylene glycol are not tolerable

All of LorAnn products are Kosher certified by Star-K.