Dried Fruits
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Dried Fruit Listing for Barry Farm Foods

We pride ourselves on the wide selection of unsulphured dried fruit that we have put together from suppliers all over the country.  

Sulfur dioxide is used in some fruits to keep them "pretty" or to prevent oxidation which turns fruit brown or dull in color.  The sulfur dioxide is also used to prevent the growth of mold in fruits that have not had most of the water removed.  This is also why dried fruit that has not been gassed with SO2 must be drier.  So, whenever possible, we have selected fruits dried without sulfur dioxide which is an allergen for many people as it neither enhances the flavor of the fruit nor the quality of the fruit.

Even the animals at the Philadelphia Zoo, from birds to bears,  enjoy our unsulphured fruit / low sugar fruit as a part of their forage diet.

Whether you just want a healthy snack fruit, or you want to add fruit to your favorite bread or cookie recipe, for granola or to make your own trail mix, we have the dried fruit you need. 
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040048 Banana Chips
8 oz. bag Unsulfured  
Product Information-Click Here
$3.25/8 oz.
040337 Zante Currants 8 oz. bag Unsulfured 
Product Information-Click Here
$4.25/8 oz.
N4760 Date Pieces 8 oz. bag Unsulfured 
Product Information-Click Here
$3.05/8 oz.
NF11441 Pineapple Tidbits
Low Sugar
8 oz. bag  Unsulfured 
No Color Added
Product Information-Click Here
$4.50/8 oz.

040318 Golden Raisins  
8 oz. bag  
Product Information-Click Here
$4.00/8 oz.

040320 Thompson Raisins 8 oz. bag Unsulfured 
Product Information-Click Here
$4.00/8 oz.