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Milk and Cheese Items from Barry Farm Foods

These milk items are handy to have in your cupboard for emergency situations or when you run out of fresh.  The milk and cheese powders are great to take along for backpacking meals with a gourmet touch as well.  

If you have children, you know how they like the boxes of mac and cheese.  Well, our powdered cheddar cheese comes from the same company that uses that little foil packet in the box.  It tastes great and is really handy to have around.  

The sour cream powder works great for baked potatoes and to make a quick chip dip too.

If you wonder which milk powder to buy, the Instant milk powder is called "high temperature" and refers to the manufacturing process that the milk is put through to make the milk powder "Instant".

The "Regular" milk powder is referred to as "low temperature" as it usually takes longer to reconstitute and is frequently the milk powder of choice for cooking and baking.

In response to many questions, the yogurt powder can NOT be used to make more yogurt as it does not contain a live culture.  It can be reconstituted for table use, but requires the addition of some guar or xanthan gum to give it some body.  The normal use of the yogurt powder is for cooking and baking.


Product Number   Product Name Product Description  Price  Select the qty. of individual packages Bulk
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N4453 Buttermilk Powder 1 lb bag
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D056  Cheese Sauce Powder 1 lb bag
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N4460 Instant Nonfat Dry Milk 1 lb. package  
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SK74 Sour Cream Powder 1 lb. Package  $14.50
SK75 Sour Cream Powder and Chives 8 oz. Package  $10.25