Semolina Pasta Flour
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Semolina Pasta Flour From Barry Farm Foods
Semolina Pasta Flour

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List of Ingredients

Durum wheat

Allergen note:
Contains: Wheat

Semolina flour is ground from the endosperm of the hard durum wheat berry and is the perfect flour for your pasta making.  It is also yellowish in color.

Semolina is the name for the coarse grit or middlings of endosperm after the finer flour has been separated.  Some mills refer to this grind as farina or grits.
Semolina flour has very high levels of protein and cellulose (the substance that helps keep the cooked pasta firm).  

It can also be used as an alternative to corn meal to flour the underside of fresh pizza dough to prevent it from sticking to the pan.

If "semolina" is made from soft strains of wheat, it is usually white and when boiled turns to a soft pudding.  Commonly known throughout the U.S. as 'Cream of Wheat'.  This is the version that is used for puddings, cereals and polenta.



1 1/2 c semolina flour
1/4 t sea salt
1 egg
1/4 c lukewarm water

1 lb ricotta cheese
1/3 c. grated romano cheese
1/2 t. parsley
2 eggs
dash of sea salt

Blend flour and salt together.  Make well in center and add eggs, and gradually add water and mix with a fork to a smooth dough.  Knead dough 2-3 minutes until very smooth.  Divide in half and cover, let rest 10 min.
Meanwhile, combine filling ingredients.  Mix thoroughly.
Roll out dough (1 portion at a time) very thinly on lightly floured surface.  Make it about 15" square and place on cookie sheet.
Roll out second portion same size.
Lightly mark first dough with knife into 3" squares.  Place 1 tsp filling in center of each square and gently, with narrow pastry brush, wet the sections between filling.   
Carefully lift second dough and place on top of first.  Press firmly down between each square to seal.  Cut apart.  Use fork to press edges of each square together.
Drop half of square in 2 qt. boiling water and cook 10-12 min.   Lift out carefully with slotted spoon and drain.
Cook second half.
Heat your favorite spaghetti sauce.  Place hot ravioli on plate and spoon spaghetti sauce over.  


1 cup 
Amount per serving
Calories from fat16
% Daily Value *
Total Fat 1.8g3%
Saturated Fat 0.3g2%
Cholesterol 0mg0%
Sodium 2mg0%
Carbohydrate 121.6g
Dietary Fiber 6.5g26%
Protein 21.2g
Percent values are based on a 2,000 calorie per day diet. Your daily values may differ.
Additional Information
2.7% of calories from Fat
82.8% from Carbohydrates
14.4% from Protein