Pectin, Unsweetened, Dry
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Pomona's Universal Pectin From Barry Farm Foods

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List of Ingredients

Low methoxyl citrus pectin and monocalcium phosphate (packed separately--assists gel)  

A small packet of food grade monocalcium phosphate comes in each box. Monocalcium phosphate is a rock mineral calcium source and is used as a yeast nutrient in baking, an acidulant in baking powder, and a mineral supplement.


Now jam and jelly makers can easily and successfully make low and no sugar fruit spreads that are thick, healthful and delicious. Pomona's Pectin firmly gels fruit products sweetened with any amount of white or less processed sugar, honey, fructose, maple syrup, fruit juice concentrate, stevia or artificial sweetener. And for those customers with special health needs, it works equally well with unsweetened fruit or juice.

Pomona's Pectin can be used in a number of applications: cooked jam and jelly, freezer jam, aspic, jello, sorbet, yogurt, jelled pie, jelled milk pudding, and jelled fruit candy. It gels fresh, frozen or canned fruit and juice.  Also an ideal thickener for sugar free jams.

Many jam and jelly makers have been frustrated by the pectins generally available. These pectins do not work without a 55% or higher sugar concentration and they are not pure products.

Some large manufacturers have introduced pectin products that require less sugar but they contain undesirable additives. All pectins available today, except Pomona's Pectin, have sugar as one of the ingredients and some have preservatives as well. People today are concerned about product purity. Pomona's Universal Pectin is 100% pure citrus pectin powder.

Because Pomona's Pectin does not have the sugar normally added by manufacturers for the purpose of gel strength standardization (the strength is standardized by blending pectin with pectin); it is more concentrated. A 1 oz. box will make 2-4 recipes with 4-6 cups fruit per recipe. A box of ordinary pectin will gel only 3-5 cups of fruit with about an equal amount of sugar. Therefore, a box of Pomona's gels 2-4 times as much fruit and twice as much finished product. That's both economy and healthful eating!

Pomona's Pectin has a long shelf-life. It lasts for a number of years. Please do not store it in intense heat in order to get the maximum shelf-life. Buy it in 2005 and don't worry if you're still using it in 2006 or 2007. 

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