Vegetable Stew Blend
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Vegetable Stew Blend From Barry Farm Foods
Vegetable Stew Blend

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List of Ingredients

Bell peppers
Green beans
Formosan mushrooms
Celery flakes

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Vegetable Stew blend is a perfect addition to any vegetable soup or stew recipe.  

To use them in a soup, drop them in the boiling soup liquid and cook for at least 30 min.

To use them for a stew, pour 1 cup of boiling water over every 1/8th cup of vegetables and let soak for about 30 min to rehydrate.  Then, drain and add the vegetable stew blend to the gravy/meat mixture and heat through. 

1/8th cup vegetable stew blend rehydrated makes approximately 1 cup.

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Carbohydrate 0g
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Protein 0g
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