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Salts of Every Grind From Barry Farm Foods

Sea salt is believed by gourmands to be much better in texture and flavor than ordinary table salt even though it's difficult to tell the difference when dissolved.  The mineral content usually is what makes sea salt taste different and even provide a different feel in your mouth as the minerals also affect the rate at which the crystals dissolve.  Only a few mined salts can resemble the mineral content of sea salt.

Sea salt is generally used in gourmet cooking because of the unique flavors imparted by the mineral content which varies depending on the part of the world in which it was produced.  Some parts of the world have been producing specialized sea salt for thousands of years.

Sea salt is generally more expensive than normal rock salt and as such is reserved for gourmet cooking and premium table service.


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M104 Alum
(aluminum sulfate)
 16 oz. bag, Food Grade
A mineral salt used as an astringent or styptic; also used as a mordant for dying and in tanning hides. This Alum does not grow crystals. 
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N5321 Sea Salt 1 lb. bag, Regular Table grind
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FNP333 Sea Salt, 
Extra Coarse
for grinding
Coarse for grinding, 1 lb. bag  
This looks a bit like rock salt only much cleaner.
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DF001 Pretzel Salt 1 lb. bag  This is what they put on the top of the Margarita glasses.  Pretzel salt has a larger granules than table salt.  It is perfect for coating pretzels, some breads, and other baked goods. 
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DF002 Popcorn Salt 16 oz. bag  
Works well for roasted nuts and seeds as well.  Almost as fine as flour.
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