Seasoning Blends
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Seasoning Blends and Rubs From Barry Farm Foods

Seasonings are added to foods to modify or improve the flavor and include both herbs,  spices and salt.  The salt is used to draw the water out thus making the flavor of the dish more delicate or richer depending on what the dish contains as the main ingredient.  Some seasonings will impart their own flavor to the food like the pepper in a prime rib rub or the basil leaf in a roast or stew.  An excellent dish will combine the seasonings that complement each other and draw out the most pleasing flavors of the main ingredients.

Keep in mind that your seasonings should be changed or used up within a year as the herbs and spices that make up each blend loose their potency especially if not kept in a tightly sealed container.


Product Number   Product Name Product Description Click Price to Buy Enter quantity and click add
BF1058 Beau Monde 
2 oz. bag
FNP2903 Chinese 5 Spice Powder  2 oz. bag
Suggested use: Oriental spicy addition to rice or lo mien.
FNP275 Herbes de Provence 2 oz. bag
Suggested use: A classic French blend with savory herb flavor.