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The Class Picnic

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Reunions Past

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Wee Willie Combo

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High Gears



Band Pictures

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Mikado Production







Last Will & Testament

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Who do you recognize from this grade school picture?

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How about 8th grade?

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How about 1962

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An overview of Lima from 1964.  
How many of our classmates can you find and how many times is SHS mentioned?

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We also strongly urge you to become a member of Facebook and mention Jerri as a "friend".  

This seems to have become the clearing house for finding, chatting and meeting with folks from our class and several other class year alumni.

 She has over 60 classmates connected to her page so far.

It doesn't cost a cent and you can limit personal information disclosure.

Further, if you wish not to have any contact with anyone from high school, please be courteous enough to drop Jerri or Betsi a note so that they and others don't waste a lot of time and effort trying to find you.  We will respect your wishes and privacy.

This is the Electronic Age folks, let's get with it, connect now! 

If you have any information about a note worthy event involving one of our classmates, please forward that information on by clicking one of the contact links for Betsi Baker Burden or Jerri Longworth Kohlhorst or Bill Barry.