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The Now: Getting ready for the 45th.

Hi Everyone! That's right, here we are again! This year will be our 45th
year reunion!

It will be held on August 7, 2010 at the Shawnee Country Club here in
Lima.  We have a big surprise for you this time - we are being joined by
the Class of 1964, so there should be lots of people you haven't seen in a
long time! They didn't get their act together for a reunion this year, so
they have asked to join us next year and celebrate together!  I am
actually also working on the class of '66( my husband, Bruce Burden's
class) to possibly join us that night. It might seem like high school all
over again!  Can you see 3 Shawnee classes from the 60's all together

We are trying to get everyone to join and add either Jerri
Longworth Kohlhorst or me as a friend. We will be sending out more info as
we go along via Facebook.  We are going to try to do all reunion
information electronically and will not be sending out mailings this time.
We have to keep up with the times!

Now we're going to see how many of you have kept the old email addresses.
Jerri and I are at work trying to find you all again.  If you have any
classmates' email addresses, please forward them on to me. We would rather
get someone's email address several times, than not at all.

Keep August 7th open and here's hoping you can join us.  We have
reserved a bock of rooms at 2 different hotels so far - The Wingate, on
the square downtown , and the brand new Courtyard Marriott out on I-75 at
They both have a special rate for us.  At the Wingate, rooms are $82.00
and the code is Shawnee High School Class Reunion 2010.  At the Courtyard
Marriott, the code is SHS and the room rates are$84.00 & $94.  We will be
setting up a website with phone numbers, and all the info on it soon.
(that means Jerri & I don't know how to do it and we're looking for
someone to help us!).
August 7th is also the weekend for our local Lima Square Fair, so there
will be lots to do around town. They have live bands, food and many booths
all set up.

Well, let us know if you can join the old gang here in Lima again - we
would love to see you once more!

Betsi Baker Burden
(and Jerri Longworth Kohlhorst, doing the second half of the alphabet!)

Please fill out the online questionnaire by clicking HERE


Please click on one of the contact links for Betsi Baker Burden or Jerri Longworth Kohlhorst for additional information.

We also strongly urge you to become a member of Facebook and mention Jerri as a "friend".  

This seems to have become the clearing house for finding, chatting and meeting with folks from our class and several other class year alumni.

 She has over 60 classmates connected to her page so far.

It doesn't cost a cent and you can limit personal information disclosure.

Further, if you wish not to have any contact with anyone from high school, please be courteous enough to drop Jerri or Betsi a note so that they and others don't waste a lot of time and effort trying to find you.  We will respect your wishes and privacy.

This is the Electronic Age folks, let's get with it, connect now! 


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