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Getting ready for the 45th.

The questions:

Please, please fill out the form to the best of your ability as this may be the last time that many of your old friends and classmates are able catch up with what has happened to everyone since graduation.  
We're not getting any younger folks!  If you know of a classmate that doesn't have an internet connection, get hold of them and fill it out for them or print it and deliver it to them.


Maiden Name:

Spouse's name:




Married, Single, Divorced, Widowed?: 

College, (Associates, Bachelors, Masters, Doctorate): 

Chosen Profession: (Teacher, Doctor, Lawyer, Indian Chief?) 

Military Service: (Y/N) 

Have you traveled outside of the US since leaving SHS?  (Y/N) 

Occupation, employer or Retired (and what you did before retirement):

Children, grandchildren, great grandchildren & ages:

Remarks  (anything you want to say to fellow classmates?): 


Anything different in the last 5 years in your life?:

I will be attending the reunion at $35.00 per person    ( YES/NO):

Number attending:

I can not attend (X):

Deadline for survey and reservations is June1, 2010

By clicking the submit button you are sending this information to Jerri Longworth Kohlhorst.

Make your checks payable to Shawnee Class of 1965.


Send confirmation and payment to:

Jerri (Longworth) Kohlhorst

2924 Oakland Pkwy 

Lima, Ohio  45807

Phone: 419-991-2838 or 419-234-8085



Please click on one of the contact links for Betsi Baker Burden or Jerri Longworth Kohlhorst for additional information.

We also strongly urge you to become a member of Facebook and mention Jerri as a "friend".  

This seems to have become the clearing house for finding, chatting and meeting with folks from our class and several other class year alumni.

 She has over 60 classmates connected to her page so far.

It doesn't cost a cent and you can limit personal information disclosure.

Further, if you wish not to have any contact with anyone from high school, please be courteous enough to drop Jerri or Betsi a note so that they and others don't waste a lot of time and effort trying to find you.  We will respect your wishes and privacy.

This is the Electronic Age folks, let's get with it, connect now! 


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45th year: It hasn't happened yet, so get there!