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Our Class Year Book

"Dear Classmates:
    The following paragraphs were written for the 1965 Quilna but were omitted from the yearbook.  Ironically, they seem more meaningful to me now than when I wrote them 25 years ago, and it is my pleasure to share them with you."

    "Work on the 1965 Quilna was begun in the summer of 1964, and was finished shortly after graduation of the Class of 1965.  A yearbook summarizes a school year, but what you see here is only a summary of a summary.  You do not see the unused pictures, the discarded dummy sheets, or the first-draft copy.  Neither does this book show the anxiety before the first grade card, the frantic last-minute work on a term paper, or the lump in a Senior's throat when he realizes high school is over.  These 160 pages capture only a small part of the year.  Each person must supply the rest.  A yearbook can not make memories, it can only stimulate them."

    "The staff has worked hard on the Quilna this year.  We have not only tried to record the history of a year, but even more important -- and more difficult -- we have tried to record the spirit of this school year.  We have waited anxiously to see the finished product, but it will be years before we find out how successful we were -- when we open the pages of this book and remember."

Ron Janke, Editor, 1965 Quilna


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These photos were scanned in high resolution and are fairly large files so please allow some time for them to down load.  Thanks.

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Please click on one of the contact links for Betsi Baker Burden or Jerri Longworth Kohlhorst for additional information.

We also strongly urge you to become a member of Facebook and mention Jerri as a "friend".  

This seems to have become the clearing house for finding, chatting and meeting with folks from our class and several other class year alumni.

 She has over 60 classmates connected to her page so far.

It doesn't cost a cent and you can limit personal information disclosure.

Further, if you wish not to have any contact with anyone from high school, please be courteous enough to drop Jerri or Betsi a note so that they and others don't waste a lot of time and effort trying to find you.  We will respect your wishes and privacy.

This is the Electronic Age folks, let's get with it, connect now!