Side Dish Mixes
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Side Dish Mixes From Barry Farm Foods

These side dish mixes are perfect for the busy cook that doesn't have much time to come up with a gourmet dinner after work.  These mixes have all the spices and main ingredients in the pouch and cook up in minutes.  Most of them cook up in just 20 minutes with step by step instructions.  Surprise family and friends with a gourmet side dish that really is from scratch.

Not sure how to cook some of these items?  Click on the "Recipe How tos" button above.

Product Number   Product Name Product Description  Price  Enter quantity and click add
BFG101   5 Grain Pilaf 8 oz. One of our favorite side dishes.
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BF921 Black Beans & Rice Slightly spicy side dish that cooks in less than 30 min. Serves 4-6 $4.99
B501 bfericemix.jpg (731922 bytes) Wild Rice Mix 8 oz package  with seasoning packet. $3.39
BF1005 Mushroom & Onion Rice Pilaf  Mix Great side dish with rice, onions, mushrooms and seasonings for beef. Serves 4-6 people $2.99
BF1006 Mushroom Barley Rice Pilaf  Mix Hearty side dish with rice, barley, onions, mushrooms, pecans and seasonings for beef. Serves 4-6 people $2.99