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Soup Mix Selections from Barry Farm Foods

Soups of every description in sizes from family size to single serving.  Whether you want to make a crock pot full of soup or you're looking for that gourmet flavor in a cup of soup that you can prepare at work in a minute or two, you'll find your soup below.


We are discontinuing our line of soup mixes due to difficulty in getting some of the ingredients.  Quantities are thus limited.


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BF301 Barry Farm
 Bean  Soup Mix
 8 oz. bag $2.49
BF908   Cabbage
This soup was created  right here on the farm.  Hearty soup with cabbage, tomatoes, celery and shallots in a beefy broth .  Cooks in 30 min and serves 4-6  $7.99
BF1035  creamofcelery.jpg (774801 bytes) Cream of Celery
Soup Mix
Hearty cream soup filled with celery and flavor. This soup was created  right here on the farm.   Cooks in 30 min and serves 4-6.  $4.59
BF1032 spinachnshallotssoup.jpg (741597 bytes)  Cream of Spinach w/ Shallots
Soup Mix
This soup was created right here on the farm.  Terrific spinach soup; light and flavorful.  Cooks in 30 min or less and serves 4-6.  $3.59
BF1002 Friendship Soup Mix This is a hearty vegetable and grain soup that will fill the bill on cool days.  8 oz. bag.  Serves 4-6 $2.99