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  Barry Family Farm was established in October, 1994 when we  bought 80 acres of farmland.  The land had been farmed conventionally by a tenant farmer with no concern for the health of the soil.  Erosion and bad land management had begun taking its toll.  We immediately began a policy of no chemicals on the farm.  After 15 years, the farm is beautiful & healthy.  

We grew a variety of vegetables, fruits and berries, and specialized in growing the widest variety of unusual vegetables in our part of the state.  But, thanks to the amazing growth of the web site and the cannery here on the farm, we no longer have time to grow all of the fruit and produce for the cannery.  But the farm still is utilized in the production of hay for an organic dairy farm nearby.

family farm

We opened an on-the-farm licensed cannery in September, 2000.  After raising our combined family of 2 girls and 6 boys, with 19 grandchildren, we decided to offer our "farm" foods to others. We wanted  you to have the same taste of "Grandma's kitchen" at your table that we do.  

As you walk through our site, you will notice we don't add a lot of bells and whistles, no banner ads, flashing lights, neon signs or outrageous music.  We believe in the simple life, with technology's help.  

We believe that we are here to leave our small spot on  earth a little better than we found it, because  "we don't own this planet, we are only borrowing it from our children." (And we have lots of kids.....two and four-legged.)

If you are in the area, you are welcome to stop by the farm for a visit.    We are located east of Cridersville, Ohio, off exit 118 of I-75.

Thanks for stopping by Barry Farm Foods site.

Bill & Linda Barry