Recipe How tos
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A Little Help From Barry Farm Foods

  Recipe How-To's

Missed out on the old fashioned Home-Ec classes and just want to know how to prepare a meal using basic foods without having to pour it out of a box?  We wouldn't have given this too much thought if we hadn't run into people at our Farmer's Market that said they didn't know how to make bean soup or cook from scratch (without a package mix).

We have had so many inquiries for basic cooking instructions that we have decided to include a few pages of "HOW-TOS".  Just scroll down the list below and click on the "HOW-TO" you need.  It will take you to a page with basic instructions.  Just print the page and enjoy.

How to cook HOT CEREALS How to cook GRAINS AND RICE
How to cook BEANS How to make WHIPPED CREAM
How to make BREAD CRUMBS How to use COCOA POWDER
How to make CROUTONS How to use CAROB POWDER
How to ROAST NUTS How to make MERINGUE
How to make HERB TEA  
How to RELIQUEFY HONEY More to come

We also thought these charts might be helpful:

How many cups in a pound of....? What do I substitute for ...?
What is the difference between ...? Flour facts...
Fruitcake Secrets How do I change to a crockpot?
How do I store dried foods? Is it jam?
Herbs & Spices facts... More to come
Gluten.... What is it and What do I need to Know?  

Mom answers the questions of:

"Mom....How do I make.....?"

How do I make Yeast Bread? How do I make Yeast Rolls?
How do I make Quick Bread? How do I make Muffins?
How do I make Baking Powder Biscuits? How do I make Buttermilk Pancakes?
How do I make Yeast Doughnuts? How do I make Baking Powder Doughnuts?
How do I make Pie Crust? How do I make Fruit Pie Filling?
How do I make Pumpkin Pie Filling? How do I make Custard Pie Filling?
How do I make Yellow Cake? How do I make Frosting?
How do I make Cream Filling? How do I make Pudding?
How do I make Tapioca? How do I make Sauces and Gravy?
How do I make Pancake Syrup? How do I make Pot Roast?
How do I make Corned Beef and Cabbage? How do I make Meatloaf?
How do I make Chicken and Noodles? How do I make Chicken Pot Pie?
How do I make Chicken and Dumplings? How do I make Green Beans, Potatoes and Ham?
How do I make Ham and Beans? How do I make Tuna Noodle Casserole?
How do I make Salmon Loaf? How do I use Leftovers?


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